Frequently asked questions by our customers.

2A. Only few basic needs are available for about a family. if you have a huge family then better get your own stuff to avoid inconvenience.

3A. No, instead we use a filter after everybody is out of water.

4A. Its better to get your own. In case you need that from us the watchman can get it for you after paying an amount.

5A. Yes, because it helps clean the water if anyone contaminates it while swimming.

6A. They are couple of them but we are not sure what they exactly have in their store.

7A. Approximately 3kg at a time could be stored.

8A.This facility is'nt included in the package but if you wish to then you can ask the watchman to do it for you and can pay them seperately.

9A. Yes, due to security reasons the gate is always closed. you need to take prior reservation so as to avoid inconvenience while entering the gate.

10A. No, damaging the property in anyway may lead you to paying a fine. better avoid such things. If happened accidentally then please inform the owner as soon as possible so that he may not charge you much.

11A. Yes, if you take it for a longer period then the rates could be negotiable according to the package.

12A. NO, Strictly not allowed.

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